Friday, November 23, 2007

Κυψελη (Kypseli)

Inside my apartment in Κυψελη. View of the living room and dining table (above). My Greek-English dictionary tells me that Κυψελη means "swarm [of bees], beehive, earwax". People I met in Αθηνα (Αthens) told me that Κυψελη is the most densely populated area in the city. a diverse neighborhood above Omonoia and near Platia Amerikis. I'm at ΚΝΩΣΟΥ 2, Στη γωια της οδου Πατησιων (28ησ Οκτοωβριου). Τranslation: Knossou 2, at the corner of Patission Street (aka 28th of October). I flew from JFK to Athens on October 29, and arrived on October 30. 6 hours ahead. Because of day light savings time, that would turn to 7 hours ahead of East Coast standard time.
Looking out the balcony eastward up ΛΕΣΒΟΥ (Lesbou Street):

And check out the old school turntable in the apartment. Sadly, it doesn't work, so I can't play the vinyl available the house:

Here's the ΚΟΥΖΙΝΑ (kitchen) that is at a great height level for someone short. Nice long low counters. But wait how do I reach those tall cabinets?

Delizioso Store across the street on Patission, view from above.

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